Adoption and prices for Bnegal Kittens


Bengal cats are very much family-friendly. They love to be around people and also easily adjust with the other pets in the house. The affectionate and understanding nature of a Bengal cat is what makes it completely domestic apart from its wild exotic looks inherited from its ancestors.

Our kittens are evaluated based upon the TICA breed standard. Most spotted kittens are priced between $2000 - $2500 depending of color and size of spots. A $300 non-refundable deposit may be applied to a specific litter to place you in line for first pick of this litter, but the choice of an individual kitten may take longer until we have the time to fully evaluate the quality of each individual kitten. DJ Lovely Bengals reserves the right to hold any particular kitten to evaluate for our breeding program.

To be on our waiting list, you must place a $100 refundable deposit which will later be applied to a specific kitten. Then, you will receive notice of all confirmed breeding’s along with photos and updates of each litter as it arrives.

We Accept Cash Or Pay Pal. Please add 3% to cover Pay Pal service fees

Pet Price
  • Brown Spotted - $2200 - 2500
  • Blue Spotted - $2100 - 2500
  • Mink Spotted - $2300 - 2500
Breeding Price
  • Brown Spotted - $3500 - 3800
  • Blue Spotted - $3500 - 4000
  • Mink Spotted - $3500 - 4000
Adult Price
  • Brown Spotted - $1200 - 1500
  • Blue Spotted - $1200 - 1500
  • Mink Spotted - $1200 - 1500